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Pipes for Chemical Plants

Country: China
Date: April 2011
Project Name: Sichuan Investment of Chemical Industry West Pipeline Project
Application: Chemical Industry
Specification: DN200
Quantity: 400 Tons

Pipes for Carrying Potable Water

Country: Pakistan
Date: May 2012
Project Name: New Benazir Bhutto Airport Islamabad
Application: Potable Water
Specification: DN300-DN800
Quantity: 1500 Tons

Oil and Gas Transmitting Pipeline

Country: Iran
Date: November 2014
Project Name: Yadavaran Oilfield Development Project
Application: Oil & Gas Industry
Specification: DN450
Quantity: 800 Tons

Pipeline Carrying Gas

Country: Nigeria
Date: September 2014
Project Name: Nigerian Gas Company
Application: Gas Industry
Specification: DN150
Quantity: 790 Tons

Scaffolding Pipe for Structure

Country: Dubai
Date: June 2014
PO No HY-EI1403
Application: Structural Steel Industry
Specification: DN40
Quantity: 600 Tons

Piling Pipe

Country: Saudi Arabia
Date: September 2015
Application: Piling
Specification: DN800

Pipes for Water & Foam Line Pipe for HTL POA

Country: Pakistan
Date: May 2017
Project Name: HTL POA
Application: Potable Water

Gas Pipeline

Country: Ghana
Date: September 2018
Project Name: Ghana Natioanal Gas Company
Application: Gas Industry
Specification: DN500
Quantity: 1509 Tons

Pipe Piling in Offshore Engineering (Qiaomingjie)

Country: Hong Kong
Date: April - Oct, 2018
Project Name: Pipe Piling In Hong Kong
Application: Offshore Pipeline Construction
Specification: DN600
Quantity: 5000 Tons

Structural Pipe in Bridge

Country: China
Date: Sep, 2018
Project Name: Guangzhou Pingnan Third Bridge
Application: Offshore Pipeline Construction
Specification: DN800
Quantity: 1200 Tons