Turkey and Russia Sign Agreement on Natural Gas Pipeline
October 10, Turkish President Erdogan and visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 10th in Istanbul, signed a gas pipeline construction project agreement. Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
Turkish and Russian leaders on the day after the signing of the agreement. Erdogan said at the signing ceremony that he believed the normalization of relations between the two countries would continue.
Putin announced that the Russian side agreed to give the land price of natural gas prices, while lifting the ban on imports of Turkish fruit. He said that Russia and Turkey in the military cooperation, trade, tourism and cultural relations in the process of normalization will accelerate.
On the Syrian issue, Erdogan said that the Turkish and Russian leaders agreed to develop a new Syrian aid strategy, especially in the war in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo to provide humanitarian assistance. Natural gas pipeline manufacturers, Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe to provide you with pipeline support.
Erdogan said he briefed Putin on Turkey's military operations in northern Syria and discussed the possibility of cooperation between Turkey and Russia.
Turkey in November last year, shot down a Russian military mission in Syria, Russia-Turkey relations deteriorated, the Russian side of the earth to take a series of sanctions. Russia and Turkey between the "Turkish flow" natural gas pipeline project suspended. In June, Erdogan sent a letter to Putin to shoot down the Russian fighters to apologize, the two countries began to unfreeze the relationship, the Russian side to phase out sanctions. Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

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